Video Episode #18

Video Episode #18

Episode #18 of my series “How to Improve your Social Media Videos” for the 30 Videos in 30 Days challenge on Facebook is online. Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs are the topic of discussion in this video and the next 2 installments in the series. Manufacturer designations of CFL lighting styles usually translate into these approximate values in degrees Kelvin or “K”.

Soft White       ~ 2700K
Bright White  ~ 3500K
Daylight          ~ 5500K

Tungsten or traditional incandescent lighting is usually 2700 – 3500K. Daylight is roughly 5500 – 6500K. You can purchase CFL bulbs for your CoolLight 3-in-1 softbox fixture to match the lighting in your recording environment.

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